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Utterly Exhausted, Yet Again

Oh my goodness, I am so completely drained. Today has been too eventful. From the moment I woke up, to right now, my mind has been in constant motion over what is going to take place in minutes to come. Only right now am I finally at some sort of peace.

First off, my family had a late start this morning, which resulted in me being late for school, again. This is the second day in a row, and my principal, whom I hate with a passion, asked why I was late. It's not something that's exactly her BUSINESS, that nosy bitch, but I suppose it doesn't look too good when you're student body president and you're late. But what can I say? I got up late, traffic was terrible, I live a goddamn half-hour away anyway, and I just don't have energy to argue. Much less the patience.

After having literature, I got a 20 minute break before my next class, in which I studied frantically for the history test that was coming up next. I swear, I have an overload of information in my brain right now, and I don't like it one bit. I already know I got at least two questions wrong already, although I'm hoping it won't count as more than a four-point deduction from the final score. I'm perfectly willing to argue my answers in an essay question about the Great Awakening though. I can practically predict that my teacher will mark it at least partially wrong for being a little vague, but he's an idiot anyway. I can probably get full credit for it if I support my point with enough information, whether it's relevant or not.

After school, I had volleyball practice for an hour and a half, and being that our school doesn't have a gym, we were playing outside in the sweltering heat instead. That took the remaining energy I had right out of me. By the end of practice, I could hardly muster a decent UNDERHAND serve, much less an overhand. My ball control was terrible too.

About two hours after practice, I hauled myself off to piano lesson. That was a complete bore in itself, but I did manage to hear most of the debate in Arizona on the radio before my lesson. Anyway, my piano teacher was easier with me today, because I'm positive she could tell that my heart was just not in it. I could barely keep my eyes open; it required too much energy. I did feel a bit better after showering though. A bit more refreshed.

Well, off to study math now. Chapter test tomorrow... (groan)
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