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Rain, and the Random Ramblings

Oh, the weather has been just wonderful here. I love it when it rains, and it's been doing so quite often lately. It stopped today, and the sky has cleared up a lot, but thunder storms are just around the corner. What is a bit discouraging is the fact that because our school doesn't even have a gym, because there isn't enough room for one anywhere around the school, if it rains--which it will--we will have no choice but to cancel practice. Our team is doing so well, too! Hopefully we can get a gym at the YMCA or something similar soon. The whole team has been more eager than ever to get our season going.

I've started rewriting and posting a lot of Elements of Magic, my first fanfiction, at the Realm. When I look back on it now, I see so many grammatical mistakes I somehow skipped over as I was writing. There's also a lot of information that just doesn't make sense, or fit together. I realized that I also leave a lot of loose ends and unexplained events or character traits. I'm working on fixing everything up now, so that in the end, everything will make sense. And to think, it was only a year ago that I started the original Elements of Magic that, miraculously, had many readers.

(contemplates the fact that it's been an entire YEAR...)

This is quite random, but I honestly feel as if I must possess one of the Dooney and Bourke handbags from the Charm collection. Somehow, the bag strikes my fancy and I've decided that since my mother will not help in buying it, I will have to begin saving my money in order to buy it by Christmas. It shouldn't actually be too difficult, because I've figured out a way to make $24 each week. What I do, is I either make dinner or do the dishes for $2 each day, for seven days a week. That's $14 already. Then, I add that to the $10 I get each week for cleaning the entire second floor of our house. Voila! $24 in seven days! With the money I already have saved, and that I will definately receive for Christmas (assuming, of course, my family does not somehow lose all of the money we possess), I should be able to purchase the bag with ease.

{reads over entry and wonders why it is typed as if it were a manual for the most literate of people)
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