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Your Average Teenager, At Your Service

I was just thinking as I read back over the last entry I posted in my LJ, I really don't talk like the teenager I am. I should be rambling on about guys and my friends and the unfairness of life, but somehow, I don't. I don't even know WHY, because I'd willingly do it should anybody ask me to. Now that I think of it, I don't even know why THIS bothers me so much.

Well, I need to start SOMEWHERE...

Kyle* and George* are such dorks. All they do is bother me all day, tripping me, laughing at me, making up conversations I have with my other friends, punching me when I'm least expecting it, knocking my books over in class, smearing glue on the floor by my feet so my shoes will get sticky... The list can go on forever. Half the time I'm convinced it's because they somehow take pleasure in my discomfort, the other half of the time I wonder if maybe it's one of those "he only pretends to hate you, but he really likes you" kind of things. Note that these two are my FRIENDS, and not just two guys that hate me. (God, I can't believe we're even friends. I've known them for... nine years now. Good lord.)

Today, I jokingly asked a teacher to give the both of them detention for wreaking havoc on me once again, and with that, I walked away as the teacher had a little chat with them. Before entering my class, Kyle and George came up to me and said they had detention for a week and also had to turn in a 500-word essay the next day. Oddly, Kyle couldn't stop laughing when he said it, but George looked dead serious, and angry. Well, for all the things those two do to me, I thought that punishment was a bit harsh, so I confronted the teacher again, telling her that I was joking and geniunely thought the two of them didn't deserve the punishment. Then SHE goes about telling me that they didn't really get any punishment at all, because honestly, she's not the kind of person to give out punishments at all. Apparently Kyle and George acted it all out, even though Kyle sucked at it. Well, at least George had me fooled. Quite well, I might add. He should take up acting.
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