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To the Scientific God

Suppose there really is a God, or a Buddha, or any other religeous idol. I'll just use God as an example, because he's the easiest right now.

If he created man (and woman), why does the Catholic Church degrade science, which was discovered by man (and woman)? If everything has a purpose, then wouldn't God have intended for man (and woman) to discover ways to disprove Him? Isn't that all part of what he "intended"? Then, suppose he didn't intend for his creations to advance as much as we have, as quickly as we have. Maybe, he wanted us to learn more and more, little by little, but not this quickly. Well, assuming that's so, would he be genuinely worried about this; would he be worried that humans are picking apart his creations too quickly with science, seeing nature not as his creation, but as species classified into scientific groups instead? Not to say that everybody is like this, but many are. Just something I've been thinking about as of late.
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