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Ah! Sports are so nerve-wracking! I just got back from my volleyball game, which (thankfully) we won. I swear, I thought our team was going to lose because we were incredibly sluggish the first game. Then we pulled ourselves together and grabbed the last games. I think it's this competition that I love most about volleyball. That, and actually getting out there on the court to play. It's definately a passion.

As my mom drove home after the game, my brother (who was also in the car) asked if we could stop by at McDonald's for a Happy Meal. My mom said, "No, I don't have any money right now. I had to pay for your sister's socks for volleyball." Yet, just the thought of my mom--any mom--saying that no, she couldn't pay for McDonald's because she didn't have any money really made me think: there are people out in the world who really do say "No, I don't have any money right now," and not just because they had to pay for something else and didn't have a few extra dollars, but because their money had to go to a different cause, like their rent, or bus ticket because they couldn't afford a car. I think that now, with Thanksgiving rolling around, it's really made me aware of things like that, and how my mom might say that she didn't have any money on her, but another mom might say the same thing but mean it in a different way. It really makes me feel grateful, as sentimental as that sounds, especially from me.
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