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The Ironies of Life

There's a woman who used to always walk by my school during the afternoon. She was a middle-aged Asian with short spiky hair, funky glasses, pants in two sizes too tight, and a tanktop that was so tight half of her stomach seeped out through the bottom. (Note that this is no model's body.) She would always walk past with a hand cluched around a purse, head held high, and walking as if she were on the runways in Tokyo or Milan. It was obviously the signs of insanity.

The boys at my school used to fake catcalls to her, or just disregard the mocking catcalls altogether and tell her to get clothes that fit. She would always walk by, completely ignoring them. One time she did turn our way, gave us the finger, and pulled down her shirt as if to prove to us it could cover up her lower stomach, although, just barely.

A month ago, I discovered that that woman was the neighbor of one of the secretaries at my school. They had been neighbors for a long time, and the secretary was told by the lady's mother that her daughter had once been really really smart, and went off to college as top of her class. However, at college, stress really put a number on the woman, and it eventually became too much to handle. She reached her breaking point, and that's when she came back home, without finishing college. Instead of coming back with a degree, she returned slightly crazed and forever changed.

Stories like these really make me wonder: how many other ironic instances will happen in one's life? The woman and her mother expected her to exceed in life. She was always on top of everyone else. Yet, now, here she is, in skimpy clothes and being mocked by students.
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