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The New Year

I am feeling rather obligated to post something in my journal, just because it's the first day of the new year. Problem is, I don't have much to write, and I have such a headache from yesterday I can't come up with any resolutions.

Once again, I'm down here in SoCal where it's been raining like a madman, but it's stopped for the time being. I've gotten tons of late Christmas money, and sponsorship money for that student ambassador trip to Europe. I'm so excited about that! I've raised about a fifth of it already, and it's only been a month. I am very proud of myself for not spending any yet, besides the $150 I set aside for special "occasions".

I've been so completely out of it lately. I'm at my aunt's house that is under construction at the moment, which has been really hard on my aunt, considering she has to be a host for my family, and try to take care of hers while her kitchen is not completed or functioning. We have to eat out for every meal, or survive off of unperishable foods. She doesn't have any clocks up yet either, so I never know what time it is, which is why this week has been a blur. I've mainly babysat my 1 1/2 year-old cousin, who is very cute and very well behaved. I got paid a lot though, since he's rather stubborn at times, and my aunt was so caught up with the construction, so helping her out with babysitting was good. The baby has come rather attached to me, I'll say. He's so cute though.

Ah, the family calls. More later.
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