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And Right Before Christmas...

I don't believe this. My dad was hit by a car today. I. Can. Not. Believe. It. Thankfully, nothing's broken, and he's walking around okay. He says he's rather sore, and his shoulder hurts where he landed first. I swear I almost cried when I found out.

Lots of people I know seem to be having a lot of physical problems lately. A friend of mine has thyroid cancer and needs to have her thyroid removed. The sister of another friend has to have one of her ovaries removed on Monday. In a week, a five-year-old girl I know, who was attacked by a dog when she was three, has to have another surgery on her face where the dog's teeth tore it open. This is her fourth surgery, and she's only five years old... I can't believe all of this is happening right before Christmas. You think nothing can ruin this time of year for you, but there's always something. In my case, four things. I'm just praying everyone will be alright.

To all that are well out there, be thankful, because you really don't have it that bad off. Merry Christmas, all.
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