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I can't believe tomorrow is Christmas eve. It doesn't feel like Christmas AT ALL At least, it doesn't feel like it for me. I don't know why, but as I get older, Christmas seems to lose its signifance. I used to get so excited about getting a tree, giving gifts, eating candy canes, but now it's all just a blur. The only thing I'm really astounded by is how quickly 2004 went by. It feels like summertime was only last month, and I was only just finishing up on my latest challenge reply at Marauding Muses (Funny, how we've seemed to have abandoned that community).

Well, I just want to get Christmas behind me and start the new year. This month is dragging on and on. I thought it was already Christmas morning when I woke up today, only to find that it's Thursday. I'm so completely out of it, and am feeling particularly Scrooge-y. :(
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